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I will wait for you......

Starting it off with some song lyrics like a true live journal veteran! LOL
Im sitting here waiting on my Lawsy to call me so we can go get Panera! YUM!
I failed my first attempt at a crash not surprised.
Wishing I could just be smaller again....I have lost weight but not nearly enough.
I am standing up in my niece's wedding in 6 months aaaaand I need to not be so huge.
Weird thing Mom just texted me again.
I dont know what it is about her texting me every time Im updating this thing.
So tomorrow I am going shopping with her and my cousins.
That also is weird.....hopefully it turns out ok and its not obvious that I feel like screaming.
Plus I found out she is getting a computer and the internet so I dont know what i am going to do.
I can NOT handle my Mom having a FB....I might just have to delete mine....seriously
I hate that people think they can just never acknowledge the past and then magically..... it never happened?
Get real.
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