Kelley (kellga) wrote,


so im about to go on a rant so if you dont wanna get pissed
stop reading now....

so yeah i was talking to a friend and she told me that she saw
mike on this online dating service thing
then i spoke with another friend and she said the same
so i guess mike is on like 70 different on line dating services???
and i found his one on my space
what a joke
you like cuddling and sunsets?
and you graduated in 2001?
why do you have to be such a fucking liar?
why couldnt you have just had some balls and told me you were breaking up with me becuz you didnt want to be with me and you were gonna look for someone else?
instead you sat there and gave me this false hope about how you wanted to get back together
seriously i really wanna just puke in your face you make me so sick
so now i know that all those times you had like 50 bitches on your friends list you were prolly like having some on line relationship with them all...
seriously you need to get a life
back away from your computer
get off your ass
and fucking take a good look at yourself
and i dont mean all the fucking pics you have been taking
becuz you are so fucking full of yourslef.
think about the way your actions effect other people
think about the fact that you do nothing all day
you have no job
no diploma
no goals
but yet you sit online night after night
talking to all these fucking pathetic girls that actually think that something will come out of meeting people on an online dating service?
and i have heard you are sooooo lonely
you wouldnt be if you werent such a fucking idiot.
so now that i have said all these things i know for sure you will never talk to me again and i guess im ok with that becuz like i told you befor i wish i would have never met you...
you are a fucking liar
you prolly have cheated on like a million times
if not physically than at least emotionally with all you fucking online girlfriends!!!!
so way to go mike!
i feel sorry for your next victim....
hopefully she doesnt fall for you as hard as i did and waste over 3 years of her life just so you can stab her in the fucking heart!!!!
fuck you!
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