Kelley (kellga) wrote,


this always happens....
i tend to say some pretty harsh shit when i am pissed.
i cant help it.

tomorrow is open house at work
it should be pretty fucking crazy
it better not rain becuz i wanna jump in the bouncy house
im going to the gym right after work so its gonna be a long ass day
oh yeah speaking of the gym i had the funniest work out yesterday
this old guy was running with his hands straight up in the air shaking them
then he started running backwards on the treadmill...
then these crazy mexicans saw him and they tried it and the girl almost fell
it was pretty amusing to watch.
oh yeah and i finally bought the as i lay dying and the first norma jean cd
becuz my cd player wont play burned cds cuz its a piece of shit
so now i get to listen to them at the gym
oooooooooh and i finally got a tanning membership
and since its not in the ghetto there are fucking cd players
like in the room with you
so you can listen to whatever you want
its fucking sweet
so now i come in there and everyone like listening to rap or whatnot
and i blow them all away
its pretty fun and it makes the time go buy so fast
anyways i am just rambling now and i still gotta call bran
since she is always on line but never has an away message up

very misleading ms. laws....tisk tisk
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