Kelley (kellga) wrote,

i feel kinda crappy today....

i dont know i have been in a wierd mood ever since yesterday.
it started off good...
i went to this fun fair thingie with my family
then we went fishing and i caught like 20 fish!
so that was sweet
but then i ended up going down to royal oak...
and it all went down hill :(
i ended up going to a party at some girl's house
and i knew like 85% of the people there but for some reason
i felt totally uncomfortable?
it was wierd....
becuz on friday i went to a party in Troy with all my new friends
and i was totally fine...
maybe becuz i was wasted? i dont know
its just wierd?


i wonder if it was becuz i was there?


i hate the way things are turning out?

i wish real life could be like eternal sunshine of the spotless mind...
i guess if i had no memory of it there would be nothing for me to miss?

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