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This is where we used to live.....

So moving day is tomorrow.....Feeling ok about it just a little worried that this stupid asshole fake ass company is going to charge me for stupid shit so they can keep my security deposit....I will kill their family....and make them watch....for real though.

I just wanna take a nap for like 80 hours but alas I must pack more shit....moving blows
I do have to say I am doing a pretty decent job of keep my shit together.
I have only cried a couple times and not for very long.
Pretty good considering I am going to start my period in like the next 5 minutes....

I found out what my raise is......joke
no but I really did and I still dont make real money.....
broke joke for life

im going to the downstairs doc for the first time since I was like 17....
monday is not my favorite day anyways and now I am going to have some little asian man looking at my stuff....
Waaaaaaaaaaaah :(
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