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Holy crap!

Ok so today was a little nuts.....
went to work, had our st. pattys party and got our yearly visit from Lenny the leprechaun. The kids were insane and hilarious. Got home from work ate lunch and called Brian, the owner of the condo we were hoping to move into.....on a side note I do not like calling him. In person he is super nice but on the phone he sounds like a crabby dick and makes me feel nervous. Anyways I talked to him and he said we can come sign the lease and give him the security deposit. (Thanks again Baby Lawsy) The only problem is he said he wants the rest of the money and the prorated rent for March by next week. I texted justin about it and he has not said anything back yet....soooo I am really hoping we have enough money to move in and it doesnt make us broke. Oh how I wish I was actually paid real money. Well all I can do is hope for the best I guess. I am pretty excited to go see it though. Found out my new address and everything. :)
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