Kelley (kellga) wrote,

my tummy hurts......

so tonight i am going to a girl party at ashleys house!!!!
i am so tired i think i am gonna buy a red bull...
ive never had one before so i dont know?
yesterday was my first softball game!
i was
but we won!!!! it was 9 to 7!!! oh yeah!!!!! go team!
then we went to ashleys afterwards!
and there was this guy there...
and he looked like mike but even hotter!!!!
me and ashley couldnt stop staring at him!!!
i didnt know if i wanted to rape him or beat the shit outta him...
oooh i should have used my new pick up line!!!! hahahahaha!!!
"i have a huge shower....would you like to come test it out with me?"
nah! im saving that one for the deftones kid at subway!!!!! yum!

i feel like i wanna bitch about something so ill just make it short...
if your life sucks, its your own fault!
dont sit around trying to make people feel sorry for you.
you are the only one that can change it.
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