Kelley (kellga) wrote,

you suck so fuck off

ha ha ha
thats an oldie but a goodie!
im feeling better today.
prolly becuz i talked on the phone forever last night
first i was talking to ashley for like 45 mins
then i talked to bran for over an hour
it was nice
to have friends
that call me
i missed talking to you bran
on line and through lj just wasnt cutting it for me
im soooo excited about our plan!
so here it is.... i am gonna but a one way ticket to florida
and stay there for like 2 days or something and then we are gonna drive back in brandy's car! can you say ROAD TRIP! im so excited
hopefully i can find a boy in florida and make him move to michigan?

so yeah this wekend is gonna be fun!
tonight i am going to this girl shala's b-day party with ashley!
i think its gonna be pretty lame though so me and ashley are gonna try to sneak out early and go to the movies!
then tomorrow i am hanging out with dave
if it doesnt snow maybe we can still fish...*crosses fingers*
then later in the night my softball team is throwing a hotel party
its like a pre season party or something? i dont know
but dave if you arent doing anything you should come!
oh yeah you prolly have to work....:(

so yeah i was really upset yesterday
as if you couldnt tell
but i realize that this is for the best and all things happen for a reason
and if anything this will just make me stronger
and i will be sure to set higher expectations for my next boy friend
also ashley made a good point
it is better to be alone and lonely than in a dead end relationship
that is completley one sided?

oh yeah........ HAPPY ERF DAY EVERYONE!
go plant a tree
or spit on someone
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